One By Two Malayalam Movie Review

Arun Kumar Aravind and Murali Gopi reunite after the hugely popular work Left Right Left and this time they have ropped in Fahadh Fazil to their team along with the script of Jeyamohan. 1 By Two, the latest from this team presents a psychological thriller but sorry to say the presentation lacked any clarity.

The result is a confusing film that tried to much to show. Running to two and a half hours, 1 By Two tries too hard to present a confusing storyline and fails miserably in all departments except for the background score of Gopi Sundar and camera works of Jomon Thomas.

The story revolves around an investment by Crime Branch CI Yousuf Marikkar about an accident that happen and the resulting complications relating to the case. I am not going too much into the story as that would spoil whatever thrill you are going to get from the film if you have plans to watch it.

Direction was good in the first half but towards the end it seems as if Arun Kumar Aravind just left things to happen without any presence from him. Can't complain much as he is helpless here with this confusing script that has many questions left that needs to be answered. The first half is watchable though the proceedings are slow paced but it is the post intermission session that goes endlessly without any direction.

On the acting side, much of the screen presence is given to Murli Gopi who acted his part well but felt as if he was overacting especially towards the end and more particular in the climax sequences. For Fahadh, this is the first cop role in his career but sadly he does not have anything to show here with the character being a half baked one.

Honey Rose was ok and was bold in her portrayal of Dr.Prema but who impressed the most among the actors was quite surprisingly director Shyamaprasad as the psychiatrist.

On the technical side as mentioned earlier, camera work and background score stood out in an otherwise dull film.

In summary, 1 By Two is a disappointing film that promised much especially from the looks of the trailer and the team that was behind this venture. I can't give more than 2.25 / 5, a below average fare from a talented team.


I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page



Ringmaster Malayalam Movie Review

When you analyze the recent track record of Dileep's last few films, they were money spinners at the box office but they received generally negative feedback from critics. Films like Nadodimannan and Sringaaravelan did good business at the box office but were panned by critics & reviewers and that includes me as well. Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal was also a dud but that was a movie in a different genre other than comedy.
So naturally I pegged my expectation level to the very minimum before entering the cinema hall. May be that's why I could enjoy Ring Master, the new film of Dileep directed by Raafi. Humour and comedy is once again the backdrop of this Dileep-Raafi film but the way of presenting the humour does not go overboard or does not go to a level that irritate the viewers. For family audiences and for all being for a festive treat Ringmaster is definitely worth a watch.

Scripted by the director himself, Ring Master has Dileep enacting the role of Prince, a dog trainer and the film narrates the bonding between Prince and Diana (a dog).

The direction is old school comedy but loud and non-veg comedies are very limited to make a decent watch for everyone. The backdrop of a dog story and the bondage between man and the loving animal is a change from the recent trend of stories we see.

On the acting side, Diana the canine super star in the film hogs the limelight along with the other dogs Tobey and Lissy.

Dileep as usual it’s a safe role for him that he does well these days while Keerthi was also ok in her portrayal of the blind girl. Honey Rose has nothing much to perform while Shajon, Aju Varghese and Suraj handled the comic department with ease along with Dileep. Vijayaraghavan, Pakru and Ranjini forming rest of the supporting cast.

Music by Gopi Sundar is on the positive side with the animated song Dogs Own Country that has dogs making the dancing steps being a visual treat.

On the whole, this logic less popcorn entertainer is good for a watch if you don't give too much prominence to the story side. My rating is again a 3 / 5.

I am Chandra Mohan, a passionate movie buff. Connect with me through my review page