Alex Pandiyan Tamil Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

Alex Pandiyan is a tamil masala entertainer directed by Suraj which released in almost 450 screens all over tamil nadu. This is for the first time that Karthi Sivakumar is joining hand with director Suraj. The dubbed version of the movie is releasing in telugu in the name 'Bad Boy'.
      Anushka is the daughter of Tamil Nadu CM. Alex(Karthi) is ordered by Alvin & Dr. GKM's (Suman) to kidnap Anushka. As per their plan Alvin wants to supply medicines in TM restricted in US with the help of CM. During the process, Alex and Anushka falls in love and she changes his mind. Rest of the story is how Alex beats the goons and saves Anushka.

     Talking about Alex Pandiyan, it has an overdose of masala and action. The first 15 minutes of the movie was thrilling which includes the train stunt sequence. The opening fight sequence is brilliantly picturized and choreographed. The first half of the movie is truly entertaining with Karthi's fights and Shanthanam's comedy sequences. But Second half of the movie will let you down and expectation bar rised in the beginning will be completely shattered. The script of the movie appears to be a collection of fight sequences and chase scenes.
     Alex Pandiyan will boost the mass image developed by 'Siruthai', 'Saguni' and will help to establish himself as a mass hero. Karthi shines with his comedy timing along with Shanthanam. Karthi has improved his dancing skills as well. Shanthanam along with karthi will make you laugh throughout the movie with his witty dialogues. The combination scenes of Karthi and Shanthanam are the highlights of the movie eventhough they appear to be forcibly added into the script. Anushka appears only in very few scenes and she looks glamorous best. Villians doesn't have much to do and they disappear without any impact.
       Songs by Devi Sri Prasad seems good especially ‘Onnam Class', ‘Thakka Thayya' and 'Bad Boy'. But the fact is that songs are positioned oddly and all of a sudden changes the mood. The background scores by Devi Sri Prasad is appreciable. Action choreography is below average and didn't rise up to the expectations. The editing by Praveen and Srikanth is average. Dialogues are written by the director himself and he has done a good job. Camera work by Saravanan are at top notch especially in the first half.
       The question mark is loud at karthi - Will Alex Pandiyan do any good to  karthi's career?

    All over Tamil Nadu, the movie is releasing in 450 screens in total.

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