Vishwaroopam Tamil Movie Review and BoxOffice Collection Report

                           The controversial movie which is Kamal Hassan's biggest-ever film which has been delayed for one or the other reason, has seen the light of day in foreign countries but not in Tamil Nadu and some other Southern states as the High Court has stayed the release after several Muslim groups raised objection. Leave aside its sobering take on global warfare, Vishwaroop, which the Hindi dubbed version of the Tamil movie Vishwaroopam, is undoubtedly one of the best thrillers ever.
                          The narrative style and coherence its always the retrospection goodness of international espionage with the moral sensitive and the personal identification of a man, whose masti stature outrageous out of a peaceful of country and to world peace. Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam highly appeals to the Hollywood action movie lovers.
The movie says the story of Vishwanath (role played by Kamal Haasan), who is a dance teacher whose cute and sexy young wife Nirupamma (role played by Poja Kumar) gets attracted by her company boss Deepak who works in a terrorist group led by Umar (Rahul Bose). Nirupama at last comes to know that Vishwanath ,her husband had married her for finding more about this group.
                          The story line of the movie is extremely good. The full credit of the movie goes to Kamal haasan since it was he who reportedly conducted a study about the US Army and their war and fighting techniques.
As always Kamal Haasan's performance is excellent. Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Shekhar Kapur and other supporting cast is perfectly suited for their roles.
                          Taking on to the technical side, Sanu John Varghese's cinematography is extraordinary. The action sequences are mind-blowing.The background scores by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy deserves special mention. The narrative technique of the movie with flashbacks is thrilling and will make you stick on to your seats. One of the negative aspects is the placement of songs, which interrupts the pace of the thrilling story.
                          I enjoyed the film thoroughly and the film is on par with Hollywood standards. Kamal Haasan once again makes sure that his creativity is beyond the imagination of Indian audiences and surprises you every moment.There is nothing controversial in the film as it just shows the two sides of coin.Undoubtedly this is director Kamal Haasan's best directorial attempt  underrated 'Hey Ram' in 2000. Kamal Haasan has made a sincere attempt at making a quality movie.
However, the movie might appeal only to urban and A-center audiences, as there is no entertainment factor. And, adding entertainment in a movie like 'Viswaroopam' is like degrading the very meaning of creative intelligence.

POSITIVES :                                            NEGATIVES :
-Kamal Haasan                                         -Lack of Entertaining elements
-Direction                                                 -Placement of songs
-Visual effects 

Rating : 4/5
Verdict : Super Hit


1st Day BO total Collection : 8.35 Crores......
2nd Day BO Collection :  9.10 Crores.....
3rd Day BO Collection :  8.56 Crores......
4th da BO collection : 6.23 crores.....
5th day BO collection : 7.10 crores.......
6th day BO collection : 7.65 crores........
7th day BO collection : 7.28 crores.....
Hindi version Vishwaroop improved after a low start to collect nett. Rs 1.89 crore nett region on first day Vishwaroop is also Kamal’s best-ever opening in the Hindi belt after the 1981-runaway hit . The film has collected Rs 4.46 crore in two days with hindi version. Vishwaroop collected approx Rs 7.56 cr + nett in its opening weekend.
Vishwaroopam (Tamil) overseas business
U.K.& Ireland  Total: £ 196,207 [Rs 1.64 crores]
U.S.A                 $ 761,643 [Rs 4.05 crores]
Vishwaroopam(Telugu) overseas business

U.S.A.  $1,02,657 [Rs. 55.38 lacs]
8th day (8 days) box office collections: 7.05 crores.....
9th day (9 days) box office collections: 7.35 crores....
10th day (10 days) box office collections: 8.70 crores.....
11th day (11 days) box office collections: 8.10 crores......
12th day (12 days) box office collections: 7.23 crores.....
13th day (13 days) box office collections: 5.90 crores....
The Rs. 95 Crore film is expected to earn Rs. 350 Crore from all sources.

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  1. good movie ... kamal shows the orginal face of terrorist & supporting indians


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