Ladies and Gentleman Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

               When director Siddique and superstar Mohanlal comes together with a new venture after 20 years, expectations are sky high. As per initial reports from the theaters, the movie has failed to please a major portion of the audience. Most of the critics have made a negative comment regarding Ladies and Gentleman stating that this is for hardcore Mohanlal fans.
              As far as a movie of Siddique is considered, even an average viewer will view the movie considering the standards set by Siddeque himself. And the fact is that Ladies and Gentleman fails to keep in par with the standards set by himself. The movie is likable when considering the energetic act by Mohanlal and combo comedy scenes with Shajon. The loosely packed script is the main let down of the movie. A lot of plot holes and illogical situations and scenes ruins the movie. Many comical scenes will remind us of classic comedy films including Mohanlal's itself. Truly speaking, Kalabavan Shajon is a great saving factor.
              The supporting cast has nothing much to do where Mohanlal plays an all-rounder. Mamta Mohandas and Mithra seems to be lovely whereas Padmapriya and Meera Jasmine where made to look dirty with their make-up and hair cut.
              Satheesh Kurup does commendable job with camera. Ratheesh Vaga has failed in mixing good songs for this movie.


             Mohanlal starrer directed by Siddeque - so practically no pre-release marketing strategies are really required - If you know what I mean? The movie got released in 80+ theaters all over kerala. The movie has received immensely pleasing opening week collection of 4 Crores. After consecutive failures, Mohanlal has got a movie to relax on. But the word of mouth surrounding the movie doesn't seem to be encouraging which will adversely affect it's gross in the coming days. Eventhough, the budget is rumored to be around 10 crores, it is to be believed that the budget can't go over 8 crores. So the first week collection is a great relief as far the movie is concerned.
            With a total of 4,200 theatrical shows, Ladies and Gentleman has managed to gross 5.70 crores in it's second week. Ladies and Gentleman's marketing strategies has helped to maintain it's box office momentum despite negative WOM.
            Ladies and Gentleman  has crossed 5,500 theatrical shows when it completes three week run. But there is huge dip in the collections due to new releases and word of mouth. The movie has already grossed around 6.50 Crores. The good initial week collection has secured a safe position at box office without falling out.
            The movie has suffered huge number of removals due to new releases in the fourth week. As it completes fourth week, the movie gets reduced to just 20 theaters with reduced number of shows.
             21 days collection of the movie Ladies and Gentleman is figured out to be around 7.30 Crores.
The final collection of the movie is estimated to be around 8.10 Crores and can be classified as an average hit at the box office.


  1. utter flop... poor comedy.. ma rating 1/5

    1. thanks for ur comment we seen the movie its good movie like a MY BOSS

  2. Its a nice comedy film . . By our lalettan . .and siddiq ikka . .
    Go and feel the experience

  3. i enjoyed it really,climax is more i liked

    1. r u a mohanlal fan….fool mokka padam


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