Drishyam Malayalam Movie Review and Box Office Collection Report

        Jeethu Joseph amazed all of the Malayalam cine goers with his last release Memories which had Prithviraj in the lead. By December, he is back with yet another thriller 'Drishyam' with Mohanlal who had a worse year so far. The trailer seemed to be promising and also the songs are quite pleasing.

          Drishyam tells the story of an Georgekutty(Mohanlal), an orphan by birth, who is running a local cable network Rani Vision. Georgekutty is also a movie enthusiast who tries to see the life and solve the problems in his life based on movies. His life runs happily until an evil brat Varun played by Roshan enters into his life. Rest of the story develops through very emotional, thrilling and sensational moments.


        Drishyam is yet another terrific movie from Jeethu Joseph and this year undoubtedly belongs to him. Mohanlal who had bad run so far is back with an outstanding job. Mohanlal has done a great job with utmost ease playing the character Georgekutty. With his unbelievable performance he has won the hearts of all audience. Meena also handles her role well and marks her comeback with a very good performance. The negative character Sahadevan played by Kalabhavan Shajon also deserves a special applause. Rest of the actors including Siddique, Asha Sharath, Roshan etc. had done justice to their roles.
         Music by Vinu Thomas and Anil Johnson aptly blends in with the movie and the placement of songs had not at all delayed the pace of the movie. The background music by Anil Johnson is also outstanding.
Coming into the director, Jeethu Joseph has once gain proved his excellence in creating and developing thrilling moments successfully. The main positives of the movie is the solid script and Jeethu Joseph's direction. In a nutshell, Drishyam is a completely packed emotional thriller and entertainer recommended for all types of audience. The movie will make you applause at the end which goes to all the crew and cast of the movie.

Rating : 3.5/5
Verdict :

POSITIVES :                                                              NEGATIVES :
Supporting cast
Script and Screenplay
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  1. Drishyam is Director Jeethu Joseph’s fourth venture after hugely successful memories with Pritviraj. His debut as director was the investigation thriller Detective which had interesting plot but execution was not up to the mark. But he improved drastically after each film and Drishyam can be considered as his best till date. His three films are thrillers and he delivers best in this genre. After Memories now he is considered one of leading and very promising among new comers.

  2. jithu joseph making his step ahead for evry film in his carrier
    still so much of twist,genre,thrilling actions make audience 2 be serious

  3. is this movie a copy of any other movie???

  4. update it admin now it is 12cr+ i think

  5. any idea about all india collection reports

  6. 30 crores all over india record collection of malayalam movie ever made

  7. 30 crores all over india record collection of malayalam movie ever made

  8. super film,super acting by mohanlal,super direction,nice script,super acting by ester,super acting by siddique,super acting by meena by concluding

    it is the super film in malayalam


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